Create a viral brainstorm for your brand in 10 minutes.

We’re giving early access to select brands for the holidays on a first come, first serve basis.

Brainstorms are a fun way to engage your community, find new customers, and gather insights.

1. Ask an engaging question.

The best questions will get your audience excited to not only respond, but to see what everyone else said and vote.

2. Add an exciting prize.

This isn't about money. It's about creating a unique and interesting prize that your community will be excited about.

3. Convert to customers.

We text everyone when the brainstorm ends to see the results. On the results page you get a promotional space to drive conversions.

Brainstormers invite friends that you can convert to new customers.

Participants invite friends to upvote their ideas. Those friends vote, join the brainstorm, and then the cycle repeats.

The only limit is your creativity.


Launch through influencers or share directly with your audience.

Have influencers answer the brainstorm and share a link to expand your reach and bring in new customers.

We've got limited capacity for the holidays, so move fast.

Schedule a 15 minute introduction call to see if you're a good fit.

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