Our mission is to unlock the power of collective intelligence.

We believe human brainpower is the most valuable resource on the planet and that we're underutilizing it by at least an order of magnitude.

Every day the average person produces over 6,000 new thoughts. If just one-in-one million is valuable it would mean that we're collectively generating 48 million valuable ideas, insights, theories, predictions, and observations every single day.

These thoughts have the potential to reshape the world, but the vast majority are simply forgotten. Thought once, maybe shared with a friend or colleague, and then discarded as we go about our day.

We believe that one person’s clever, throw away thought is another person's missing insight.  Like pieces of a giant puzzle, thoughts need to be shared and combined in unique ways in order to unlock their potential. But our current networks weren't designed for this.

The user experience, personal risk, and misaligned incentives means you're better off keeping your thoughts private then sharing them to a social network. But when you keep your thoughts private you eliminate any potential positive impact they could have on the world.

We believe this is a hidden problem holding humanity back and we hope to solve it by building a new type of network designed around ideas, not identity.

We're starting with 1 brainstorm every day.

If this is something you want to be a part of let us know, we'll be hiring soon.

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